Top 6 furniture pieces to invest in

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Lets face it, your home is your sanctuary; it's the place you go to unwind and relax from a long day at work, a place to entertain with friends and it's the place you spend the most time with your loved ones.

Every element that goes into your home has a psychological effect on your mood either consciously or subconsciously. Creating a space in your home that you look forward to being in rather than just a space to be in can have wonderful health benefits for you and your loved ones

Here are my top 6 furniture pieces to invest in


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Studies show that we spend one third of our lives in bed. We all know that a good night's sleep is essential to our overall health and wellness so it really only makes sense that we invest in a quality bed to help us recharge our batteries. When you think about it, investing in a good night's sleep is probably the smartest investment you can make.

Dining Table

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Dining tables are used regularly and can be the focal point of a space making this a furniture item that is certainly worth investing in. When choosing a dining table, think about its function; is it just a place to eat quiet family dinners, or will it be used for elaborate dinner parties? Buying a table that is extendable is a great option if you have the space, but think about the material. Solid wood tables are notoriously long lasting, but if you really want to impress your guests invest in a marble table. Both timelessly stylish and durable, it will last the test of time and be a real showstopper!

Dining Chairs
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Dining chairs are another important investment. Just like your dining table, they will be used on the daily. You will want to invest in something sturdy and comfortable - especially if you intend to host small gatherings often. Shop around and take them for a test drive. Sit on them, move around on them, don't be afraid. You want to make sure they are sturdy. When it comes to style, the sky's the limit and with so many options on the market it can feel like a daunting task to pick the “right one”. If you’re feeling stuck, mix it up! Try 4 armless chairs paired with a complementary set on each end of the table or incorporate a bench on one of the longer sides.


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Originally used for storing arms, these stylish centrepieces are incredibly multi-functional, making it a must have for every adulting adult.
Along with the obvious versatility, armoires are mobile and detachable making them easy to move around for some added storage in a space of need. Use them in your bedroom to store seasonal clothing, in a hall to hold your linens, in a sitting room to disguise a TV, or in your dining room to hold your grandmother's dish set.

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Sofa / Sectional

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Sofas are a staple furnishing you should be prepared to invest in. Regardless of their quality, they're still going to cost you a small fortune, so you may as well shell out the extra few bucks for better quality. Some high quality brands include a 10 or even 20 year warranty. There are three key things to pay close attention to when shopping for your dream sofa; the frame, filling and fabric. An easy way to test the frame is to lift one corner of the sofa 6 inches off the ground. If the leg on the opposite side hasn't started to rise it may be a weak frame. When picking out your fabric (for residential furniture) look for fabric that's labeled 15,000 ”double rubs” or more. You can usually find this information on the back of the fabric swatches.

Statement piece

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E . V . E . R . Y . home needs a conversational piece, a statement piece, - something… museum worthy! It could be something funky or unusual, something modern or even something vintage but it MUST speak to you! Maybe it's something you’ve been obsessing over for a while? There really is no rule here, except - have fun!

Remember, your home is more than a place; it is a feeling and should be an expression of your personality and a unique, unexpected statement piece is exactly that.

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